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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Do you have the feeling that your website needs to be upgraded? Did your website once bring in customers, but numbers have since declined? Do you suspect it might be the design or lack of search engine optimization (SEO)?

Here is your opportunity to give your website a health check - without spending anything! Real Free Websites is giving away 3 FREE website assessments!

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We’ll put your website under the microscope

We will take a really careful, close-up look at your website’s design and code, as well as Google rank for any terms you specify. We will then provide you with a completely free report assessing which areas might be affecting your website’s performance and what could be improved to make a difference to your conversion of visitors.

Obligation? What obligation?

There is absolutely no obligation to use Real Free Websites to make improvements to your website.

How to get your free report

To get a free website assessment just leave a comment below with the website you want to have assessed, and we will contact you. The first 3 requests we receive will get a free website report. So, if you don’t see three comments below, then you still have a chance to get a free assessment!

One condition: only one website assessment per person.

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11 Responses to “Get a Free Website Assessment”

  1. Chi-chi Ekweozor Says:


    Here’s one you can get your teeth stuck into: Thanks!

  2. Mohammed Says:

    Here are the ten indicators I want you to look at to assess the accessibility of the web site:
    1) The home page is simple to use
    Does the layout and structure of your home page help users identify important content on your web site? Are there any major barriers to accessibility?
    2) Information about the site, privacy, contact and accessibility information
    Can users find information about your web site, privacy, accessibility and contact information from your web pages?
    3) The web site does not use pop-ups
    Does your web site create pop-up windows without warning?
    4) The web site provides all its functions with or without Javascript
    Can someone use your web site if they use a screen reader or have Javascript turned off?
    5) The web site provides all its functions with or without styles and images
    Can someone use your web site if they use a screen reader or have styles (CSS) turned off?
    6) The web site is usable when text is resized
    Have your web pages been designed to allow text size to be increased and decreased while remaining usable?
    7) Critical content and navigation elements have sufficient colour contrast
    Is there sufficient colour contrast between foreground and background for your web site’s main content and navigation areas?
    8 ) An accessible contact method is provided and monitored
    Are the contact methods (such as contact forms, email, phone, etc) provided on your web site accessible and monitored regularly?
    9) The web site search engine produces relevant search results
    If your web site has a search engine, is it returning the right pages for your most common search requests?
    10) Text alternatives are provided for any non-text content
    If information on your web site is given in a non-text format (such as PDF, Flash, video, audio, etc) is it also provided in an accessible alternative (such as HTML, RTFTXT)?

  3. Bruce Says:

    This is our first real attempt at a usable website. I want to eventually go to e-commerce and need to figure out how to best do this given what we already have. Bruce

  4. Adrian D Lewis Says:

    go for it be brutal

    Thanks A

  5. Real Free Websites Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Sorry, you were just too late to get the free assessment! Subscribe to our RSS if you want to be at the head of the line!

  6. William Says:

    I like to make a website about (Dinka) jieng Language, could you allow me to organize this webs as I want to be online around the world.

    thanks a lot william

  7. Real Free Websites Says:

    Hi William,

    I will email you directly to discuss the options.

  8. Ray J Says:

    This is getting very confusing! My website seems invisible to google.
    On one hand I am told to get as many (at least 50 per page) reciprocal
    links to be on the first search page. On the other hand I am told that reciprocal links cancel each other out and are useless. One source says SEOs can get you to page one but might use methods which may get you banned by google.
    When I search my keywords the 1st page websites don’t seem to have many reciprocal links and I feel their websites are inferior to mine.
    What am I missing? Or more importantly is my website missing?

  9. Real Free Websites Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Here’s a quick SEO primer:

    Better than reciprocal links are 1 way links to your website. And the anchor text should be the same as your keywords/phrases.

    Some SEOs use “blackhat” methods to boost your Google rank, which can work, but can also get you banned.

    Google must think the websites it ranks are more useful than yours for the keywords you are searching for. Try and see it from their point of view, with the data they have available. If your website really is better, make sure people know about it and link to it, and you should rise up the rankings.

  10. Ray J Says:

    Thanks for your comments RFW. So far it is 2-1 in favour of reciprocal links but I need to find an inexpensive service to go out and get them for me. New term today “back links” ? are these both one way and reciprocal links?
    Ray J

  11. Real Free Websites Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Yes, backlinks are links back to your website - whether they are one of a pair (reciprocal) or one way.

    Good luck in your hunt for backlinks!

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