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Looking for a Free Customized Website?

Overwhelmed by options? Unsure where to begin?
Sick of overpriced quotes?

You’ve come to the right place. We’re experts in helping individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with their first website.

Why Choose Real Free Websites?

No Design Fees
Save your money for the important things in life: for small websites, we will make you a completely free customized website, if you buy our web hosting starting from US$6 per month.
Completely Customized Website
Don’t settle for a stale mass-market design: your website will look exactly how you want it.
Try Before You Buy
Eliminate your risks: if you need a bigger website we will start work on your website before even asking for a deposit to show our commitment to our customers.
Customer-Oriented Web Hosting
Avoid the nightmare of canned responses: a real person responds to you within minutes whenever you have any queries, comments or complaints. There are no hoops to jump through and no automated systems to traverse.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Make a real difference to people's lives: an equitable world is a better world, and so 10% of every web design payment we receive is donated directly to our chosen charity.

Please examine our past work and see what others have said about us. Read about our web hosting, find out what web design services we offer and decide if you need to redesign your existing website.

Are You Ready?

Before you begin, arm yourself with the essential steps of planning a website:

Need more detail? See all the slideshows in our complete website plan.

What Do You Need?


A Website, a Name and Web Hosting


A Website

  • Find your own web host and domain name provider
  • Submit your application for a customized website
  • Make a payment once you are happy with our work

Improve an Existing Website

Still confused? Contact us to get a friendly answer or quote from a real person!